Escape game business ideas

What is the new breakthrough for Escape rooms? What new ideas? What prediction for 2018?

A lot of apocalyptic rumors about Escape rooms dying as a concept are proving them self wrong.

For example VR didn`t have its expected impact on the market and did not make a dent in real room market share.

A lot of firms will close, this is natural but more will open. The fittest will survive. Not the best, not the prettiest nor the most expensive… the fittest! These are the ones who specialize, who bring innovation, who think ahead. Escape rooms are Entertainment and the more I read questions and answers on FB groups the more I understand that owners don`t get it. They are fixated on small details that will not matter once they will close down. They are not focused on the bigger picture. It is time to change. Evolution was achieved through change. We do not have a crystal ball to read the future but we see glimpses of change.

Escape game evolution


We have clients who have had our rooms for almost 4 years now. Their secret is to change them over to a more specific target: kids, families, corporate, dating etc Once they are known for being the best for their target its easy to keep the market dominance.

This is a smart move! Of course we are talking about cities with dozens or even hundreds of escape games, where you actually need to be innovative to be noticed and stand out from the competitors.


Escape game business ideas


Here some specializations we will probably address one by one in our next blog posts:

  • Crossover between Escape Games and Laser Tag: less no-brainer than just shooting, more exciting that just puzzles and riddles.
  • Educational rooms (corporate, kids, families): the set goal to achieve is learning.
  • Forget about the room: City-escape, mobile games, motorized mobile games.
  • Don`t focus only on Escape Rooms: if you have the space there are a lot of activities that bring in a lot of money and new customers: we tried combining Axe Throwing, Bubble Football, Lazer Maze, VR games even not escape ones, vintage arcade games,  and of course the classics: bars, bowling, laser tag, pool…
  • Change the format: a team working together in a room… It needs something different: individual challenges with individual players. Competition not against time?
    Escape room 2018 growth

There will be a big majority that will just open a standard new business in 2018; it might work but when opening a business in the entertainment industry you need to look ahead.

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Key things to remember: good designs alone are great beginning but you need to invest in marketing, atmosphere and select good staff.


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PS: A PERSONAL NOTE! Don`t buy stolen material, fortunately in our case it was our old rooms being re-sold at knock-down prices.

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