Laser Maze is cutting edge entertainment. Player needs to wade through rooms equipped with many laser beams without breaking them. Just as in spies and bank robbers do in movies.

In case a player touches a beam, he activates an alarm. Toward the end, players can see their scores on the screens.

There are 4 different game modes: super spy (single player), survival, team, destroyer.

Quick ROI
Make benefits in only 1.5-3 month

Little Footprint
We recommend 200 sq. feet. Place like this are not difficult to find and rent won’t be high.

Full year benefit
Do not depend on the season or local actions - make money every day!

Solid "WOW" Effect
Laser Mazes are highly trending around the world

Simple Start
Select a room, purchase the equipment and start cashing in.

Unlimited clients
Stable clients flow ensured

Prize Winning
Set prizes for "100% success rates". Prizes can help you to stand out

Handy control panel
A special web control panel to operate your Laser Maze. Set a difficulty level, use your own sounds and control interface. You can do it from any device with a web browser and WiFi.

Remote online cash control and user stats
See full user stats details for every day - amount of games, wins and loses, played time. You can do it remotely!

Diverse game modes
Set a two-player mode. Two-times more customers. Two-player style entices the clients.

Free updates
Get new updates and enhancements without additional payment!

Video capture system
Stream a video to an outside screen - fans can see players games in real time.

Moving lasers
Experience Laser Mazes with moving lasers that respond to touching! Moving lasers build up next level interactivity.

Basic - price: $5,799
20 static laser beams
Requires the smallest room
Can be upgraded to more advanced packages anytime

Advanced - price: $9,499
26 static + 2 moving laser beams
Our most sold produce! The most popular package
Moving lasers make stunning WOW effects
Really hard to go through the game with no mistakes

Enterprise - price: $14,799
36 static + 3 moving laser beams
Games for up to five players simultaneously
All equipment and cool features are included


Most affordable package - easy to start

Game interface touchscreen and remote control with your mobile phone

You can buy more equipment and gain even more profit anytime

Investment return: in 3 month

Net profit: $1,950 per month


Maximum profit!

Bigger footprint allows you to host tournaments and contests - wholesale games

Video streaming feature and theming design are included

Investment return: in 2 month

Net profit: $8,050 per month

- Basic
Room control unit (Controller, computer, Wi-Fi-switch, 220V power supply)
Laser Maze software S-Soft
Complete set of cables and connectors
Big (Ø 8”) game buttons with backlight (START,CHECKPOINT, FINISH)
532nm laser module (green) 5mW with radiator and mount 10 pcs 13 pcs 18 pcs
Laser receiver and laser reflection mirror with mount 10 pcs 13 pcs 18 pcs
Game interface touch screen with mounting bracket 21'' 21'' 21''
LED strip RGB 16 ft 16 ft 32 ft
Audio speakers 40 W 40 W 80 W
Additonal CHECKPOINT button to allow co-op play - 1 pc 5 pcs
Moving lasers GoBeam-100 - 2 pcs 3 pcs
UV-lights BlackLight - 2 pcs 4 pcs
Fog machine with required fluid - - 2 pcs
FullHD video camera with infrared backlight - - 1 pc
Additional 50" game screen - - 1 pc
Theming - inside luminescent banners - - Yes
Design layout of outside banners - - Yes