Some think escape games are going a bit stale. I certainly do not agree but I see a constant repetition of themes, props and general idea that its beginning to bore me too.


The lack of imagination, the copy-paste attitude is killing the most exciting evolution in the entertainment industry of the last decade.

We all need fresh air, more fun, more excitement… Laser Tag and LaserMaze are nice side activities but still will not cut it. Some (as I did) went to extremes and opened Axe Throwing arenas, but although fun and profitable, I agree its not remotely connected to Escape games unless you add with all your fingers to it.


Finally a year ago I got contacted by 4 friends who had a new idea and they are very close to opening a center with 4 escape games and 3 ESCAPE ZONES. It took time to fine tune the rough initial idea and to stay away from some TV SHOW formats that could get them in trouble and the result is a more.

Some of you will dismiss the idea and some will not be able to implement it for lack of space and budget but anyhow why not learn something new for once?

No, its not one of those bulls*** generation articles that reshuffle the cards and want to make you believe its a new deck. This is something that might be a game changer. The idea is born in Europe and its not a new one, it was simply never applied in this way. I am sure the American market could well embrace, enlarge and reinvent it in its own way. Yes: bigger, flashier, more expensive, group bookings and all of that. Same as escape games.


Again I repeat: just some smaller format changes to standard escape games can make a big difference. Almost nobody dares change the boring unwritten rules of this industry: time, space, size etc


With some potential clients we discussed great ideas mixing escape games with other activities during the game but for lack of money, time, locations and guts to do something new we have only scratched the surface around Escape games.


We have now build more than 700 Escape rooms in about 190 locations making us by far the most popular Escape Design firm Worldwide. Reasons you don`t know us: we don`t ask our clients to state we designed them. We have been copied and we jump started other mainstream reputable franchises. We designed most or all of their games and they bought the right to resell them either as concept or as turnkey.

What are these zones and what is this new format?

For now I can tell only in private message: info@buyescapegames.com


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