Escape Room is fun but it can also be a very lucrative business if done well: one of our clients in the United States (with several locations and about 34 games) makes an average 1.1 million uds turnover each month. Other clients recover their whole investment within 2 or 3 months.

Prices vary a lot: from 7 or 8 euro per player in the cheapest countries to 38 euro in the more expensive ones.

The main differences between profitable businesses and ones that barely pay the bills are:

  • Quality of game play: we strongly recommend using firms with a good number of good references.
  • Quality of room decoration: furniture, walls, furniture and objects need to look professional.
  • Marketing: this is probably where most firms go wrong. You need a good website and to be on all social networks: Facebook, TripAdvisor, Twitter, Foursquare, WikiTravel, Instagram, Pinterest etc
    Offline marketing should also not be neglected.
  • Location: depending on the amount of people living in your area and the average pro-capita spending for entertainment makes a huge difference. Being central in a city also depends on the local way of living: how does public transport work? How many people use cars?
  • Staff: you can have all of the above but if the game-masters are not good you will get negative publicity.


At an average of 20 euro per player and average team size of 4 people (in Europe, usually more players per game in the US) and 4 games per day:

  • 1 room: 9600 euro per month
  • 2 rooms: 19 200 euro per month
  • 3 rooms: 28 800 euro per month
  • 4 rooms: 38 400 euro per month


This is one of the scenarios, but it can be very different depending on how much players pay and on overhead costs of the business.

In Eastern Europe for example:

With 1 room at 10 euro per player, average team of 3 people and 4 games per day: 3600 euro/month. It is also true that hourly wage, rent, taxes and so on are roughly half so in proportion the income is the same.


But in the case we have shown you above the breakdown of 91 000$ is: 5 teams of 5 people per day, per room at 25$ per person.

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