One of the biggest running overhead costs in the Escape the Room industry is staff, the human factor.

It is a pretty delicate job: you need to find someone very detailed, patient, friendly but most of all, not to spoil a game, you need someone efficient.

Imagine a software that makes such a hard person to find almost obsolete! This is exactly what the guys at GAME OVER managed to do.



It`s a feature they have for most of their games but that can be adapted to almost any other Escape Game.

How does this Auto Help Hint System work?

It is a program that operates in a tablet mounted on a stand. All themed to blend in any room.

Every step of the game has a wireless sensor synced to the tablet so the software can recognize exactly at what stage of the game the players are at. It had programmed 2 hints per step: an enigmatic one and a more simple one.

For Example: Players are having problems. They go to the stand with the tablet and press the only button available.

This will provide the hint for what they need to be doing in that moment. If players still cannot move on they press again the button an a more obvious hint comes up. In really special cases, where even the obvious is not understood, there is a big red button players can use that alerts the receptionist who will take a look at the last hint they asked for and give help.


This means you will still need a person to rearrange the room and to be present in case of extraordinary events but this one person can run many games at once.

When rearranging the game, staff will open the stand and reset the software. Here at the end of the resetting they can check if they did everything properly as all the sensors will tell with a red led light if something was forgotten open. If all is done well all led lights will be green and the software goes back to the beginning of the game ready to be used.

Time delay can be set so players have to wait between hints, a certain number of hints can be set and many more custom features can be programmed in this AHS software.

This Auto Hint Help System is foolproof, intuitive, reliable and will save you really a lot of payroll money!

Game Over is a franchise specialized in high quality turnkey games based in Athens, Greece.  They are present in many countries and have few rivals when it comes to atmosphere. We are proud  to say that most of their games use our designs.


Cost of such software is*:

3500 euro for Game Over games

5000 euro for other brands

*this is a promotional price that can change at any time.

Software can be in any language and also have 2 languages running at the same time.

A timer is running on the screen so there is no need for any other timer in the rooms.


Mail us at info@buyescapegames.com for more details.


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