You messed up! You bought the cheapest Escape Game on the market and its rubbish. No surprise here…

The good news? We can fix it for you.

More and more often we get requests of this kind:

I designed my own game and I would like you to check it.


`I bought some Gen I games, can you make them into a Gen III?`

Yes, we can: for a fee we can add or modify games, advise you for atmosphere, how to deliver hints, replace those boring obsolete padlocks with some cheap tech tricks.

We will ask you for your budget and work within that. Sometimes there are really fast, cheap and easy ways to make your business work and keep your clients happy and thrilled.

We act almost as Escape Game fitness or clinic: we get it in shape and give it a new life.

Dont waste your money and your dream on something damaged, doomed or that just doesn’t work.


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