Creators Duties

We design Escape Room Games and City Escapes based on your requests!creators

We have built over 340 rooms in 92 cities of 52 countries on 4 continents. We are considered among the best and most original firms in this industry worldwide.
Be careful with other `franchise` firms that only have few locations as we are getting negative feedback from clients they sold poor quality games to. Compare references!
Our new features are: better interior design, more technology, trickier challenges, unique games.
Theme choice:
Your city or country is famous for something? Local myths, history and legends are always a great attraction both for locals and tourists.
You like a certain style or historical period? We will find the right music and props so people feel that ambiance.
You have a favorite writer, inventor, artist? Let us find out how to make their rooms more interesting and mysterious.
Standard 1 hour? Why not 75 minutes or fast games for 1 person? Or 2 hours? Stand out and change the rules.
Level of difficulty:
Do you want most people to succeed or do you want to have a legendary room that only a handful of people ever conquered? All Games can be scaled to host kids parties too.

We can make the room for a specific audience: kids, corporations or any selected group of people.
Number of players:
Usual 2 to 5 but why not 10 or more?

Special features:

  • 2 teams racing against each other in the same room: duel.
  • City Escapes: mix treasure/scavenger hunts, escape games and sightseeing.
  • Mobile Escape Games to take to team buildings, offices, private parties.
  • Advanced technology: VR, holograms, Arduino and new generation escape rooms.


Contact us and let`s get started!

Time is very important and not only when you are inside an Escape Room but especially when you need to start your new business.

Our multinational and multi-skilled team is ready for a new challenge.

Are you ready for yours?

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