The Escape the Room Games have now been around for several years but the market has yet not adjusted nor settled.

Globally it is expanding, many world regions are still virgin territory.

Most countries with a florishing economy have started mass producing escape games more than 3 years ago with a peak in 2016.

Others, with the exception of the main cities, have discovered Escape Rooms in 2017 notably: Uk, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy and Canada.

The income gap between many countries makes the difference. Poor countries cannot affort to invest Escape Games and its marketing. The income of the population is lower so the percentage allocated to entertainment is proportionally less therefore the only viable way to open escape games is to have what is generally known as 1st Generation games with maybe a few teck tricks.

Europe, the United States and other developed countries on the other hand need to be competitive and invest more and more in quality: atmosphere, immersive design, technology.Image result for spending money on entertainment


The percentage of income spent on entertainment is what should be analyzed in the area where you would want to open your business.


Other important data is: size and age group in your city, commuters, tourist.

Cultural, religious and social beliefs are also the reason some countries are lagging behind in this and other entertainment attractions.


You should also rely on escape design firms that have already worked in your region, will show you pictures of games they designed, have international experience and solid references.

Looking at the website views, mail requests and contracts signs we have noticed a small contraption but analyzing more data we found out that the market is growing.

Now there are more, most less experiences, escape room designers with flashier websites. Owners who have bought many games try to design their own games. Franchises are taking their market share and so on.

Good news is that there are more games to play and as far as we can predict there will be more and more for the next years.



Trends for 2018:

(based on requests we received)

1 City escape games: we have developed this for some private firms but it can be a permanent feature in a city.

2 Board games: we work with a board game designer

3 Turn-key games: we always recommend Game Over for quality of design. We have worked together on most game-play ideas

4 VR: still not there yet… will need some years to actually have escape games. Now most we managed to play are more like video games and make you dizzy after 20 minutes.

5 Laser Maze: https://www.buyescapegames.com/laser-maze/



Remember: before being a business, escape games are a game meant to challenge the brain, excite and entertain!


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