BuyersBefore you work with any Escape Game design firm your should ask for references from their past clients: multiple clients called us after a bad experience with smaller and less professional firms. You are more than welcome to contact our clients: you will them in the Portfolio page.

This is what you will need to become our client:

  • provide the space for Escape Room Games to be created. Minimum 250 square feet (22sqm) per room and space for reception and control room.
  • purchase the physical items needed: furniture, decorations, items etc. We will send you a very detailed list and can find you links or pictures to purchase online if you cannot find them locally.
  • make sure your rooms are prepared for us to come implement the room in the case we are needed on location: paint, audio/video installation. We will guide you through all the process.
  • deliver blueprints of rooms, pictures and information so that games can be planned remotely and then implemented by us when on location.
  • have staff for us to train to operate the Escape Room Games.
  • be committed to the business and not to waste your and our time.

Costs for the game`s physical items excluding the design fee is usually around 3000 euros; a lot depends on technological level and local manpower and item costs.

This business, like any other, can be good or bad depending on several factors: we deliver great games then it is up to you to find great staff, promote and advertise locally, cut costs and maximize revenues.